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How can I help?


Sowing the seed

A listening ear and helping hand in preparing you for your new role. My purpose is to empower you and instil confidence in the weeks and days leading up to your birth. With the aim of increasing the likelihood of achieving the birth experience you want.


Labour & Birth

 As a birth doula, my mission is to support you in achieving the birth experience you desire, whether it takes place in a hospital, at home, or in a birthing centre. From the beginning to the end, I'll be there by your side with no judgement. While we cannot fully control the birthing process or predict every detail, we can take charge of our mindset and strive for a positive birth experience, regardless of the outcome.



I am here to support you adjust and flourish in your new role and navigate the lifestyle changes. I will be there to hold time and space in whatever way that might look and benefit you the most - physically and emotionally. The weeks after birth are often an emotional rollercoaster. I strongly believe that reducing stress and promoting time to rest and bond, is the most important thing for you and your baby in this period.

Therapy Sessions
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