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What is a Doula?

The word doula comes from ancient Greek, meaning  "a woman who serves." As a doula, I offer PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, and INFORMATIONAL support during pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period.


We listen, collaborate, and act as an extra set of eyes, ears and hands. Since every birth and relationship is unique, my aim is to help you make informed decisions by pointing towards the best available evidence, knowledge, and contacts. There is never a judgement or agenda, only a mutual sense of trust and encouragement.  


There is strong evidence showing the profound impact doulas have on positive birth outcomes (e.g. shorter labour, less need for major labour interventions and lower pain scores). Postnatally, doulas help lower depressive symptoms and increase the likelihood of successful breastfeeding. 

*Please note doulas are not medically trained. 

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